EverSeal ECS III Pre-Applied Liquid Thread Sealant Machine

Thread Sealant Application Machine

The EverSeal Coating System III (ECS III) is the most advanced machine on the market for the application of EverSeal liquid thread sealants.

If you’re currently coating your fittings manually, the application is often inconsistent and production is costly. Improper application leads to defects in quality and even more cost.

When used in conjunction with EverSeal sealants, the ECS III gives you an accurate and consistent coating of the highest quality sealant every time while saving you money.

EverSeal Coating System III ECS III

Product Specifications

Electric(110/220 vac)
Air(Clean, Dry and Non-Lubricated): 90-100 psi (620-690 kPa)
Dimensions14 Inches (36 cm) Tall, 16 Inches (41 cm) Wide, 8 Inches (20 cm) Deep
Weight45 lbs. (20 kg)
Cycle Time2 Seconds
Fitting Size1/8-inch through 2-inch NPT Threads (3 mm through 51 mm)
Reservoir Size10 Liters

LP & Natural Gas Systems

Fitting Diameter
Per Liter
Number of Fittings
Per Liter
1/8-inch / 3 mm20,000
1/4-inch / 6 mm8,928
3/8-inch / 10 mm6,452
1/2-inch / 13 mm3,509
3/4-inch / 19 mm2,500
1-inch / 25 mm1,379

3 Steps to a Superior Seal.



Custom mandrels will accommodate any fitting configuration.



The EverSeal Coating System will apply and properly distribute EverSeal on the fitting threads.



Dry, ship and use the EverSeal coated fittings. The tough coating eliminates special handling requirements while EverSeal ensures a leak-proof installation.

Group of threaded fittings coated in EverSeal
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