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EverSeal industrial sealants offer fast and durable sealing power for professionals in a variety of industries. Call us today at (216) 464-6440 or email to discuss our range of products with an experienced sales representative.

Grocery store produce being watered


Leak-free sprayers and irrigation systems capable of directing water to where it needs to go are critical for farm operations, especially during periods of less than average rainfall. EverSeal offers farmers a reliable, long-lasting seal to ensure a strong harvest.
Car hood open showing automotive components

Automotive Components

Today’s automobiles are highly engineered machines with a variety of liquid substances coursing through them. Leaks can result in damage to the vehicle and the environment, as well as the contamination of other critical systems. Offering superior adhesion to a variety of metal surfaces, EverSeal leaves a high-quality seal designed for extended durability, even in high-heat automotive applications.

Fire sprinkler head

Fire Protection

A leaking sprinkler system can cause more than a slippery floor. It also can result in thousands of dollars in damage to structures, furnishings and other valuables. Using EverSeal liquid thread sealant to seal connections and fittings in sprinkler systems will ensure that water is there when you need it – and gone when you don’t.
Fluid control levers on pipes.

Fluid Control

Precision-engineered fluid control system components often have highly specific sealant application requirements that must be met to be approved for use. EverSeal liquid thread sealant reliably prevents leaks in hydraulic equipment, while applying it with the advanced EverSeal Coating System ensures precise application.
Gas and water gauges on a large machine.

Gas and Water Gauges

As structurally weaker components in many systems, gas and liquid gauges are a common site for leaks to occur. EverSeal thread sealant offers a durable, leak-free seal to ensure equipment gauges are a help and not a hinderance.
Liquid propane containers

Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG)

Cylinder and valve manufacturers in the liquid propane gas industry rely on EverSeal to ensure that all new and recertified products are safe and free of any leaks.
Basement water heater

Potable Water Systems

Tanks, pumps and piping used in the transfer and distribution of water that is safe for drinking and food preparation must be safe from environmental contaminants. EverSeal not only protects against water leakage, but it also prevents foreign substances from entering the system.
Specialty gas cylinders for the production of semiconductors.


Gases used in the production of semiconductors are stored and transported in sub-atmospheric cylinders, which have valves that can be susceptible to leakage. EverSeal thread sealant is an ideal solution for reliably preventing leaks from occurring.
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