EverSeal Liquid Thread Sealants, Dispensing and Application Products

EverSeal pre applied liquid PTFE thread sealants provide reliable, long-lasting sealing power for a wide range of industrial gas and liquid applications, including propane, natural gas, water, nitrogen and a host of other systems. Exhibiting superior pressure and high temperature resistance, each solution is designed to reduce system leaks, resist vibrational loosening and prevent contamination in fittings and threaded pipe.

The water-based, non-toxic formula adheres without the need for baking – eliminating long cure times – while also offering extreme resilience that makes touch-ups and reapplication unnecessary. What does this mean for you? Less money spent and a faster, stronger seal on the very first application. Click on each of our industrial sealants below for more details.

EverSeal 183

EverSeal 183 industrial pre applied gas line thread sealant
Designed for liquid petroleum and natural gas system applications

EverSeal 483

EverSeal 483 industrial pre applied liquid sealant for air and water
Designed for sprinkler and water spray system applications

EverSeal Coating System

EverSeal Coating System III (ECS III) for pre applied liquid thread sealantsApplying sealant to fittings by hand is inconsistent and time-consuming at best, and costly at worst. Improper application can lead to quality defects, resulting in the rejection of parts. Don’t take the risk – make every seal perfect the first time with the EverSeal Coating System (ECSIII), the market’s most advanced solution for applying pre-applied liquid thread sealants.

Featuring a precise metering system to ensure consistent proper application, ECSIII virtually eliminates parts rejection resulting from misapplied sealant. Use it in conjunction with EverSeal pre-applied liquid thread sealant to achieve leak-proof installation in less time and for lower cost.

Application Information

Use the information below to determine how many fittings one liter of EverSeal can coat.

Fitting Diameter
Per Liter
Number of Fittings
Per Liter
1/8-inch / 3 mm20,000
1/4-inch / 6 mm8,928
3/8-inch / 10 mm6,452
1/2-inch / 13 mm3,509
3/4-inch / 19 mm2,500
1-inch / 25 mm1,379